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Skillpop believes that the best learning happens in-person, and they strive to create environments where trying a new skill is social, accessible, and engaging. You shouldn’t have to spend huge amounts of time or money just to try something new or build your skills, so they make it simpler. Whether you’re learning about watercolors, marketing or anything else, SkillPop classes are designed to stretch you beyond the ordinary. Their teachers are established local experts looking to share their skills, and each class is bite-sized and focused so that you leave with the tools and knowledge to start pursuing your passion.

eCommerceConsumer Goods
Charlotte, NC
Less than $1M




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Company Mission

SkillPop is a community-driven way for people to access in-person classes on a variety of subjects. Our teachers are talented, local professionals with skills to share, and classes are held pop-up style in interesting areas of the community.
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