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SmartLogic builds custom web and mobile applications using progressive, best-of-breed technologies and methods.

Baltimore, MD


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Company Mission

Our mission is to develop robust, custom software solutions, in a creative, people-first environment that enables our employees and clients to grow and accomplish their goals.

Core Values

1. Trustworthy: We operate with honesty, integrity, transparency, and reliability, and we seek to keep the best interest of our employees and clients in mind when making decisions and overcoming challenges.
2. Collaborate: We are team players — whether collaborating with one another or collaborating with our clients. There is no room for “us vs. them” — we’re all working towards the same goals.
3. Pragmatism: We take the time to listen to and consider the thoughts or feelings of others when we engage in a project or agreement; we seek to find solutions that work for everyone. We build sophisticated systems by layering simpler systems on top of each other.
4. Improvement: We foster the desire for continuous growth and betterment in our employees, clients, and stakeholders. We continuously look for ways to improve our work, relationships, systems, and practices
5. Intentional: We plan, prepare and are clear in our methods and in our work; we realize our best work is performed when we have a robust plan and execute that plan. We make assumptions but we always seek to verify them and adapt our plans accordingly.