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As a midwest-based, female-founded technology startup— we are champions of the power of the gig-economy and creating positive long term outcomes for both businesses and workers alike. SnapShyft is a Staffing-as-a-Service marketplace for flexible staffing in foodservice & hospitality— The frictionless way to get qualified workers in the door & working— on a short-term, seasonal, or more permanent basis. Most businesses rely on a common talent acquisition strategy of social media, job boards, and job fairs— but they end up going understaffed. Meanwhile those using SnapShyft are consistently getting workers in the door AND working— leading to a better customer experience, reducing costs, and generating real peace of mind. SnapShyft is reinventing how foodservice & hospitality businesses handle talent acquisition and how workers leverage their industry skill sets. Building a new level of connectivity within our communities— offering flexible income-generation, while leveling the playing field businesses looking for talent. SnapShyft is innovating & differentiating in key ways: • HIGHER caliber worker pool that can plug and play into different roles • HIGHER platform performance driven by quality, consistency, & reliability • And SnapShyft has the leading fulfillment rate at over 97%— 3X the staffing industry average! Visit our website to learn more— Available for iOS and Android

HR Tech
Indianapolis, IN


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