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Songspace is a collaborative song network that makes it easier for creators to work together, utilizing the creative process to aggregate important data like recordings, lyrics, and copyright ownership details for music enterprises. Songspace naturally links everyone together through a network built on the notion that songs are the foundation of the music business ecosystem. By connecting creators and stakeholders together through songs and their associated data, Songspace makes the process of creating and selling music more integrated and efficient. For creators, Songspace is simple, friendly technology for saving and sharing ideas, lyrics, recordings, and the copyright information associated with each contributor. For enterprises, Songspace is a complete CMS that captures fundamental assets and data from the start, via creators, and feeds them into a platform that can be utilized by any music stakeholder to better run their business. Songspace is a partner company of American Songwriter Magazine and is based in Nashville, TN, the songwriting capital of the world.

Nashville, TN


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