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A Health Intelligence platform to empower smarter healthcare decision-making.

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Company Mission

Our vision is "to prevent disease with data." We imagine a world in which every healthcare decision—whether it’s being made by a benefits consultant, employer, or any other stakeholder in the health ecosystem—is backed and guided by data. That’s why we built a leading-edge Health Intelligence platform to empower smarter healthcare decision-making.
Great Marketing teams

comprise curious, creative, observant people. They constantly take mental notes of what companies inside their market and out are doing, whether it motivates them to act or not, and why. Then they figure out how to translate effective appeals to their business.

David Pittman
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David Pittman
David Pittman


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Core Values

Raise the Bar - At Springbuk, we believe in continual measurement and improvement in everything we do. Our team is solutions-focused, and we take the attitude that we can solve any problem, no matter the size, with the right ambition and know-how. We think big, move fast, and strive to bring our best selves to the table on every single project. This allows us to bring innovations to market that can prevent disease with data.
Win Together - When we hit a milestone, we don't celebrate as individuals or small groups, we celebrate together, as a team. That's because when we compete, we don't compete as individuals, we compete together and we win together. This team-oriented focus allows us to leave our egos at the door, because we know that we are part of something bigger.
Never Settle - The professionals that call Springbuk home are at the leading-edge of their profession, and strive to remain there. Our team members are always learning, growing, and developing into the best people they can be. They're adaptable, and seek out coaching and feedback to help them improve. We aren't afraid to leave our comfort zone, because that's the only way for us to reach new heights.

Leadership Styles

31% Visionary
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31% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Visionary leadership style.

Visionary leaders mobilize their team toward a vision and create a positive work environment.

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