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SproutBox is an elite crew of product developers, creatives, and business experts. They invest their talent in startup companies with high growth potential in exchange for equity. Each year, SproutBox will give four hand-picked startups all the expertise, tools, and resources needed to turn their early stage ideas into a revenue-generating reality. During the fast-paced 10-month Sprout cycle, the selected startup (or Sprout) typically receives approximately $250,000 worth of services, along with just enough cash to enable entrepreneurs to stay focused on creating and marketing their product. The SproutBox approach changes the traditional venture capital model. Traditional VC models ramp up expenses and de-emphasize revenue during early stages — meaning these companies must find additional funding just to keep their doors open. In contrast, SproutBox focuses on revenue generation from day one. They provide all the development, business, and support services needed to make sure that each startup has minimal recurring expenses, a clear revenue stream, and a marketable product when they leave the SproutBox.

Bloomington, IN


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