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In February of 2021, Statsig was founded with an office located in Kirkland, WA. Our mission is to "help people use data to build better products." With the tools we provide as a service to analyze, visualize and interpret data, our ultimate goal is to help product teams ship their features more confidently. The product we offer today is a faithful replica of the growth infrastructure utilized inside Facebook that allowed it to grow to more than 2 billion users. You can read more about our product offerings (feature flags, pulse, holdouts and more) in the articles we published on our Statsig Medium account or by signing up to try out our demo account via our website. Currently at Statsig, a talented team of ex-Facebook employees who have experienced the internal tools that enabled teams to move fast and helped in the decision-making process of feature launches are actively working on bringing the power to everyone.

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Company Mission

Statsig allows the users to safely test new features in production before rolling out to avoid product debates and ship mistakes.
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