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Shaping the next generation of e-commerce for the next-gen consumer.

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Company Mission

A lot of companies have values—but few actually live by them. At StockX we work hard to keep ours front and center, to ensure we make a meaningful mark on the world.

Core Values

These are the ideas that drive how we show up every day, in every location—from London to Los Angeles.
We're committed to what's right.

We believe in the power of truth, authenticity, and transparency. We do the right thing, and we do it right.

We’re champions for our customer.

We’re always listening and always learning so we can deliver the quality experience our customers deserve every single day.

We’re playing on the dream team.

Our diverse and epic team is bound together by a deep belief in our vision, a passionate commitment to each other, and a shared joy in the adventure of it all. We play to win and have fun while doing it.

We’re hungry for what’s next.

We are committed to learning, growing, and disrupting. We push ourselves and each other against the status quo, and we are not afraid to make mistakes.

We’re building a legacy.

We are forever building better— a better product, a better workplace and a better world. We're going to keep raising the bar, changing the game, and ensuring we leave a mark that is never, ever forgotten.