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Their solutions are designed to systematically reconnect finished goods demand for outsourced production parts to the materials and processes used in their production. It helps customers to recover significant value trapped throughout the extended raw material supply chain. Benefits include the ability to understand total value chain material needs, influence and control material and part sourcing decisions, and mitigate part and material price volatility. The solution is a non-invasive, cloud-based, multi-enterprise analytics suite that provides end-to-end visibility and control across the extended raw material supply chain. Customers use SDX to collaborate with n-tier suppliers on the purchasing of common metals, plastics, electronic components, standard catalog parts and other items. Coupled with a proprietary (blueprint to bill-of-material) data conversion process called Part Attribute Characterization and a one-of-a-kind metals price benchmarking solution, Supply Dynamics offers manufacturing companies unmatched visibility into material and process demand through all tiers of the extended supply chain.

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Digital twin SaaS solution designed for managing raw material sourcing in complex, highly distributed manufacturing environments.
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