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Since 1984, TelWare has helped thousands of customers make the right decisions with technology. With over $3 billion in sales, we have the experience and vision to navigate changing technology — and the agility for success. One of our greatest values is our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. As a leading managed-service provider, we develop partnerships based on collaboration communication, and results to design solutions that meet the customer's specific needs. Specializing in multi-site customers, TelWare has solutions for all types of environments, from office to factory, retail to a warehouse, school to a hospital, renovations to new construction. Whether you need copper or fiber-optic structured cabling added to an expansion suite, a new VoIP hosted phone system for a growing office, or paging installed in a warehouse, TelWare has you covered. If you need cellular signal-boosting equipment for your supermarket, IP video-surveillance cameras for building security or audio/video in a meeting room, TelWare will provide cost-effective solutions. We can even help you keep remote users or groups connected with the use of conferencing and IP technologies. TelWare can provide support for every step of your IT project, including planning, installation, and user training. We can provide local and long-distance voice services and internet data services. We can assist your IT department with your data network or become your IT department. TelWare can integrate all forms of communication, including phone, voicemail, email, mobile devices, and databases.

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