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The Juice is a curated discovery platform for marketing and sales content. Like Spotify, but for work stuff.

Indianapolis, IN




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The current hybrid work model is working well. We are not pressured to come in, but can if we want. People come and go throughout the week and everyone is a joy to work with - both in-person and virtually.


Senior Software Engineer

Technology Team

Core Values

Prioritize authenticity

From job titles and years of experience to interests and areas of expertise, get analytics that help you understand what content resonates with your target audience.

Learn from failures

Our biggest threat isn’t making mistakes, it’s lack of innovation. We’re moving fast and learning faster. Don’t be afraid to take on big challenges. If we fail, we share and learn from it. If we succeed...

Celebrate wins

What we’re building takes a lot of hard work. So when good things happen, celebrate with your team. Lift up your teammates’ successes. We’re making a habit of celebrating wins — and stacking them up.

Decide with confidence

Trust each other and the team we’re building. We trust your expertise, your processes, and your work. Communicate the context, then make decisions with efficiency and confidence.

Practice radical candor

Care personally, challenge directly. Get to know your teammates — what motivates them, what they love, their work styles, and their goals. But don’t be afraid to challenge them directly.

Have fun

In this we believe above all else...

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