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Tortuga AgTech

We provide harvesting and other services to fruit & vegetable farmers through our robotics and software.

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Company Mission

Our mission is to build a healthier society, and a thriving planet, through smarter farming. We build robots.

Core Values

WE LOVE SOLVING MEANINGFUL, HARD PROBLEMS. We’re driven to solve the problems our farmer customers face every day. These problems are manifold: environmental, social, technical. We’re curious about them, we’re drawn to them, we have fun solving them, and we respect them.

WE GET IT DONE. Building a world-leading company is just that - building. We work to clarify and attack obstacles, rapidly and with fervor. We measure success by real, tangible results.

WE SPEAK UP, WE LISTEN UP. We communicate with clear, direct, and honest messages, especially when it’s hard. We speak, and we listen. We are respectful and supportive of each other.

WE’RE GROWERS, TOO. Like our customers, growing is fundamental to us. We live with growth mindsets: we work hard to build on our strengths, and to improve in areas we’re not so good at. Beyond Tortuga, we strive to grow value for our customers and the people and businesses we interact with.

WE ARE TEAM TORTUGA. Nobody succeeds or fails alone. This is just as true for humanity's biggest challenges as it is for our little community and team. We support each other, we respect each other. We value unique and diverse backgrounds and experiences. We leave our egos at the door.