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Unum ID's software ties a single human to their mobile device and ties that mobile device to their online identities through cryptography. In doing so, they can create a single customer identity that is common not only across all business units in a single company, but also across separate companies altogether. Crucially, all personal information is pushed to the edge and stored only on each user’s mobile device, embedding user consent by design and providing unmatched privacy and security. This is a paradigm shift in how identity is handled online that provides value across industries. Companies can onboard verified users in seconds, not minutes. Verifying users to “know their customer” becomes an asset instead of a liability. Eliminating behavioral fraud (e.g. SIM swapping, phishing) can be achieved in a single app update.

San Francisco, CA




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Company Mission

At Unum ID, we’re building one identity online for each human offline. We provide “sharified” identity: shared, verified identity. Our software links many verifications about a user into one identity that’s shared across companies. This makes knowing who’s who online easy, inexpensive, and secure.