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The Company was founded in 1967 to fabricate fiberglass component parts for various applications including aircraft and kit automobiles. In the early 1970's, the Company designed and manufactured “dune buggies” for recreational enthusiasts. In the late 1970's, our focus shiftedelectrek to the development and manufacture of an all-composite, purpose built, environmentally friendly, battery electric passenger automobile tradenamed the “Electrek.” During the period from 1978 to 1982, over 75 Electreks were manufactured and sold, some of which are still in operation today. During the development of the Electrek, we began to experiment with concepts for a better performing electric motor that was suited for the propulsion of a vehicle including the delivery of high torque and high speed with exceptional energy efficiency. These efforts led to the invention of our patented core permanent magnet motor technology. Since that time, we have developed and patented numerous extensions of this technology including methods of manufacture, methods of electronic control (including switching circuit architecture and phase timing advancement), the packaging of an electro-mechanical brake inside of a motor and a low cost method for accurately sensing rotor position.

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Company Mission

UQM develops and manufactures power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors, generators and controllers for the automotive, commercial truck, bus, marine and military markets.Utilizing over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry, our engineering research, innovation, expertise and product direction provides cutting edge solutions for propelling the next generation of electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and extended range vehicles.
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