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The Verinovum Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) platform provides a simple, streamlined solution to the complex, convoluted, & often hidden problem of low-quality patient data.  Our DCaaS service is powered by a unique and proprietary combination of initial data curation & advanced data enrichment processes validated and optimized by our clinical & database experts. Our solution helps: - Payers - Providers, and  - Partners & OEM leaders We optimize your data integrity along the entire care continuum to make more informed and more accurate decisions that improve patient outcomes & avoid unnecessary costs.  We do this by focusing on the complex and ever-changing parameters necessary to optimize clinical patient data both upstream and downstream within specific comorbid chronic and preventative care disease states. These robust, flexible "data modules" incorporate fully curated data sets around use cases like diabetes, extending the reach and impact of your disease and care management programming and improving your quality scoring and advanced payment model calculations. How does it work? First, our proprietary curation process focuses on validating the ingestion of data from disparate and real-time sources while cleansing and bolstering the data to ensure enhanced integrity.  Next, our advanced enrichment methodology fortifies the data through an elaborate, comprehensive set of processes including standardization and normalization algorithms for identity resolution and filling of data gaps with reference data sets and cross-message inference logic, etc.  What can I expect? Our proprietary methodology, technology & expertise will dramatically improve the quality and completeness of your large dataset, data lake or ongoing data cleansing workflows. As one example a major payer organization recently increased the completeness of their member data from 14% to 89%. How can I learn more? Schedule a consultation:

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