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VinSense is an Indiana LLC formed in March 2015 to produce an innovative decision support software system for agricultural crop production. The new technology enables producers, field managers, and winemakers to make better crop management decisions to improve production volume, uniformity and quality and increase profitability and long-term sustainability. The VinSense software, initially targeted at the wine grape growing and winemaking industry, will deliver the following value to our customers: Increased crop volume Enhanced crop uniformity Better crop management – cover crop decisions, irrigation practices, pruning, canopy management, and other crop management decisions Long-term crop sustainability Better soil moisture management – resulting in water conservation and lower irrigation costs Optimal soil nutrient management Better environmental protection practices Our product is based on the latest soil, viticulture, enology, and predictive analytics research, as well as the latest sensing technologies (in situ and remotely sensed). The key unique components of the system are the transformation of this data deluge into easily understood information relevant to crop and winemaking decisions and the incorporation of soil physics and hydrology, viticulture, and enological models to increase the relevance of the information and enable predictive analytics for management and planning. The user-friendly visual interface and decision tools are being developed with “real world” producers to ensure that the data provided is relevant, understandable, and, most importantly, actionable.

Ag Tech
Lafayette, IN
Less than $1M




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