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Zylo, the leading SaaS Management platform, helps more than 100 organizations control growing SaaS costs and reduce risk with complete visibility of all SaaS applications, including Shadow IT, the growing majority of apps that are not managed by IT.

Indianapolis, IN




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Company Mission

Zylo’s mission is to provide employees with easy access to the SaaS applications that make them effective, while controlling the cost and risk of SaaS. Zylo identifies and reduces redundant applications, duplicate expenditures, and underutilization of SaaS applications to optimize spend, reduce operational burden, and manage renewals proactively. With the industry’s leading SaaS application catalog, Zylo is paving the way for compliant and optimized self-service SaaS.

Core Values

Focus on Customers First
Cultivate Trust
Dream Big, Grow Smart
Grow Stronger Together