Your audience is the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you have no one to sell to. However, too many entrepreneurs build a product before they bother to build an audience, let alone consider whether their audience would actually want to buy their product.

Brian Clark built all of his businesses by creating an audience first, and he’s become a true master at growing audiences by delivering outstanding content. After founding Copyblogger in 2006 and turning it into the “content marketing bible” it is today, Clark started Rainmaker Digital to serve as the parent company for all of his related online businesses. He’s even begun branching out into podcasting with his insanely popular shows and Unemployable.

Clark attributes much of his success to the power of listening to his audience’s desires and building products to satisfy those desires. In our interview, he opens up about how he began his content marketing empire, how he continues to evolve it today, and why building an audience should be your number one priority. He even has some insightful things to say about the surprising benefits of being “unemployable.”

I’m so grateful Clark took the time to share his story and his wisdom with the Powderkeg community. For more actionable advice and outstanding content from Clark and his team, I highly recommend tuning into the and Unemployable podcasts. You can also connect with Clark on Twitter @brianclark. Enjoy the show!

In this episode with Brian Clark, you’ll learn:

  • The unexpected benefits of being “unemployable” (8:33)
  • Why you need to build an audience before doing anything else (14:52))
  • How big “level-up” moments can change your career (18:47)
  • Tips for building a business with agile development principles (24:05)
  • The importance of creating robust processes (32:11)
  • Why you can’t let new technology distract you from the fundamentals (36:56)

Please enjoy this conversation with Brian Clark!

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What stood out most to you about what Brian shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s why you need to build an audience before doing anything else.

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