How Dave Knox and the Brandery Launched 25+ Companies in 3 Years

Posted October 2, 2012

Matt Hunckler

CEO & Founder, Powderkeg

San Francisco, Boulder, New York City. These are the kinds of cities you expect to hear in a lineup of top cities with startup activity. But there’s something in the water in an old industrial Midwest city.

Dave Knox The BranderyDave Knox called Cincinnati his home for years and worked with one of the largest companies, Procter & Gamble, for nearly a decade. The marketing skills he gained during his work for a Fortune 50 company set him up to co-found The Brandery, a startup accelerator focused on businesses where branding and strategic marketing are some of their most differentiating value propositions.

Knox will join a founder-fueled lineup of keynotes for this October’s Powder Keg conference, and The Brandery’s Demo Day is this week. With so much going on, we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know Dave Knox a bit better. Here’s the interview:

Dave Knox and The Brandery Accelerate Entrepreneurship in the Midwest

Themes in this video:

  • Serendipity is a good thing.
  • Figure out what you want to learn and find the best place in the world to go learn it.
  • Know your audience and find innovative ways to reach them.
  • Find your “Bowling Pin Strategy.”
  • Embrace tenacity and a proactive drive.
  • Support the community and pay it forward.

Watch the interview with Dave Knox to learn these entrepreneurial lessons and startup strategies from The Brandery. You can also find more lessons in entrepreneurship and startup marketing by following Dave on twitter and his personal blog, Hard Knox Life.


Matt Hunckler

CEO & Founder, Powderkeg

Matt is the founder and CEO of Powderkeg, a network of local communities with global reach for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and top talent. Powderkeg entrepreneurs have collectively raised more than $500 million in capital and are disrupting industries, creating wealth, and changing the world from areas beyond Silicon Valley. Hunckler has led successful teams with his own ventures, as well as Inc. 500 companies and venture-funded tech startups. He's been named an Under 30 CEO Entrepreneur to Watch and an IBJ Forty Under 40 Honoree for his entrepreneurial endeavors. @hunckler