DEMO 2012Have you ever dreamed about launching your startup on the big stage, with all the flashy lights, press and prestige? Want to join the likes of Bluega, RentStuff, and other successful startups that launch at DEMO? Well, Startup America and Demo have partnered to help make your dream a reality.
As a member of Startup Indiana and Startup America you have the opportunity to submit your startup for free. And it only takes a minute.

DEMO 2012 Details:

It’s easy: submit a 1-minute video clip pitching your company, the problem you’re solving, why you’re the most creative, and why your team is the one that can successfully bring your product to market. You could end up on the big stage like these guys:

Compete in the DEMO 2012 Contest 

The pitch contest ends Friday, August 17.
We can only select one winner, so make your sixty seconds count. We’ll announce our region winner on August 24. Stay tuned, because on September 15 we’ll announce the 8 companies from across the country who will attend DEMO 2012.
Register before it’s too late. What will you pitch?