Remote work means innovation begins at home. And it turns out, lots of people like it that way. Tech companies report the adjustment period is over, and we can stop calling it the “new normal” now. 

  • 76% of founders say they’ve seen an increase in productivity during the pandemic work-from-home requirements. 
  • 70% of venture-backed founders said they’d allow some or all of their employees to continue working from home after opening the offices. 
  • 66% of founders are reconsidering their investments in office space entirely.

In an industry often defined by employers’ positive culture, tech workers have reported several benefits of remote work, including better work-life balance, improved focus and productivity, and no more commuting. 

As a result, large tech companies like Facebook are already making big changes to their work styles. The social media giant has announced plans to build new workforces in blossoming tech hubs like Denver, Atlanta, and Dallas. This includes plans to recruit more aggressively in areas outside Silicon Valley and New York. 

Zuckerberg projects that in 5-10 years, as much as 50% of Facebook’s workforce will be remote. Working remote, and the better work-life balance that comes with it, is evolving from a luxury to an expectation, at least in tech.

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