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Branding. It’s one of the most important elements of any company, but it’s also something startup owners might not know how to go about creating. Fortunately, our guest on this episode of the Igniting Startups podcast is a leading expert on all things related to brand (including employer branding). She breaks branding down to its simplest components for time-strapped founders.

Tiffany Sauder is the founder and president of Element Three, a full-service marketing agency in Indianapolis. In just 13 years, Tiffany has grown the company into the largest marketing agency in all of Indiana and an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company for five years running. And beginning today, Element Three has partnered with Powderkeg to help tech companies between the coasts build their brands and attract the customers and talent they need to grow.

Tiffany joins us for something of a beginner’s guide to startup branding, focusing in part on a less-talked-about subject of employer branding. Over the course of our conversation, we talk about how to start building both external-facing and internal-facing branding for your company, how to scale that branding and instill your values into every level of management, and why you might want to find a mascot for your company. We also preview our upcoming MarTech Madness Pitch Night on February 28, which Tiffany will emcee as the evening’s host. (Get your ticket here!)

In this episode on employer branding with Element Three President Tiffany Sauder, you’ll learn:

  • How to start building a unique brand for your startup.
  • The minimal brand identity that every company should have.
  • Why employer branding is a necessity for any fast-growing organization.
  • Proven strategies for creating and scaling an effective employer brand.
  • How a strong support system can push you to realize your full potential.
  • What’s next for Tiffany and Element Three as the company grows.

Please enjoy this conversation with Tiffany Sauder!

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For me, it’s the proven strategies for creating and scaling an effective employer brand.

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