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So, you’re going to pitch your product or service to investors. Have you written your story, then rewritten it—then re-rewritten it? And is your slide presentation *gulp* ready for Prime Time? The path may be much simpler than you think. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” With all that’s in your head about your new product or service, it can be daunting to make it easy for others to understand. But if you want it to nail the first impression, telling a complex and confusing story is not an option. So whether your pitch is a blank slate, needs a few minor tweaks, or is long overdue for a major overhaul, this workshop will help you start to build your story from its most basic, beautiful parts in a way that is sophisticated and simple; empirical and emotional; bold and brief. And best of all, you’ll sleep much better the night before your next big pitch. About Scott: Scott Bennett is a long-time P&Ger whose passion is making complex communications simple. Prior to P&G, Scott spent two years at a creative agency in Midtown Manhattan focused on high-stakes slide presentations for Fortune 500 companies. Scott spent 18 of his 21 years at P&G in Corporate Communications, where he created or consulted on key presentations for three P&G CEOs and countless other senior executives. Scott has trained thousands of people both inside and outside P&G on effective visual communications, and is widely regarded as an advocate and authority on infographics and data visualization. A technical writer by education and a graphic designer by experience, Scott’s dual acumen in verbal and visual storytelling allow him to bring a unique blend of concision, cohesion, clarity and creativity to every business story he touches. This event is FREE to Cintrifuse Members. Please email for a discount code.