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Slay the Stress, Dazzle Your Buyer

The exit. It’s one of the most defining milestones in an entrepreneur’s journey of founding and growing a successful startup.

But reaching it means navigating immense risk and uncertainty. How do you minimize the chances of something going wrong and maximize your chances of success? By building processes now that:

  • Maximize your valuation to potential buyers.
  • Make due diligence a breeze so you’re not distracted from your business.
  • Create exciting and attainable earnouts.

Drawing on their own exit experiences, our four experts will show you how beginning with the exit in mind turns your startup into a lean, scalable, exit-ready company. That way, so you can focus on your main priority: growing your business.

Meet the Presenters


Eric Tobias | Partner, High Alpha

Eric founded and successfully guided the exits of 3 startups to public companies. As a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience, he specializes in creating and scaling innovative technology businesses. He’s now a partner at High Alpha, a venture studio focused on conceiving, launching, and scaling next-generation enterprise cloud companies. 

Danielle Stealy McDowell | Growth Strategies, ZIOINC

Danielle is a serial entrepreneur, inventor,  advisor, investor, and community leader with 12+ years in the startup and innovation scene. Her wide range of expertise includes raising venture capital, navigating exits, and scaling within enterprise frameworks. She’s passionate about dreaming big and building sustainable, impactful businesses.

Tom Gabbert | Founder, mAccounting

Tom is an expert in accounting and financial management for tech companies at all stages of growth, and he’s guided several companies through their exits. With 25 of years of CFO experience, he founded mAccounting in 2003 to offer CFO, controllership, and bookkeeping services designed to help dynamic businesses grow aggressively.

Mike Reynolds | Founder and CEO, Innovatemap

Mike has been ideating and delivering digital products to market for more than 20 years. A visionary in the digital space, Mike pours his passion into Innovatemap, a product agency he founded to help other companies create awe-inspiring digital products and services.  He’ll discuss why running your startup to be exit-ready at any time is smart business management.


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mAccounting turns finance from a necessary burden into a strategic asset specifically for startups. 

Get Exit-Ready in 2019.