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We all spend a lot of time celebrating successes but not enough time embrancing the journey. Join Ladies in Saas at the SpeakEasy for a fireside chat with Jillian Walker who will walk us through her journey and how she has learned to love her journey.

Jillian Walker Bio
Jillian is the founder of a new kind of workspace for Women & Moms called Microchip Indy. This coworking space and childcare hub focuses on the needs of women in different stages of their career and parenting life while providing a strong support network for all women. Microchip Indy creates programs, events, and content aimed at facilitating connection and growth for women in business in Indianapolis. While laying the groundwork for Microchip Indy, Jillian creates meaningful customer relationships with the team at Passageways, a company focused on making boards work better. Being a mom and ruling your career don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and Jillian is dedicated to providing a space where each are possible.

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Fireside Chat with Jillian Walker
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