Fizziology is a global audience insights company that uses social media to better understand audiences. Our marketing analytics and insights are used by leading companies in media and entertainment, travel and tourism, and fashion and retail.

Fizziology is a Twitter Official Partner and has unique access to Facebook data through DataSift. Additionally, we use Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Sina Weibo and blogs to provide a complete picture of social media opinions.

Our data warehouse contains over 3.5 billion unique messages around films, television, talent and brands – an unparalleled dataset of consumer opinion that our data science team uses to create predictive analytics and industry-leading benchmarks.

We are an international research company covering the following markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Korea, Japan, Australia and China.

Created in 2009 by Ben Carlson and Jen Handley, Fizziology is headquartered in Indianapolis with key team members in Los Angeles, Nashville and Louisville and local market expert analysts around the world.


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