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You’re in good company when you hire through the Powderkeg network
Elevate your employer brand
Spotlight what’s special about your company and get access to Powderkeg’s diverse network of 10,000+ professionals.
Get insider info so you can hire faster
What do candidates really care about? Get the data you need to improve your talent attraction and retention so you can fill your open roles and scale your team.
Hire the best candidates
Get direct introductions to community-vetted talent. With community-powered job matching, you’ll get higher-quality referrals so you can hire better talent with less work.
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“Working with Powderkeg certainly has accelerated our ability to bring on talent. It’s reduced the amount of noise, and applications coming in are of higher quality because of Powderkeg. We know that the handful of people they send us will be worth looking at versus the dozens that might come through a website contact form.”
Jeb Banner CEO of Boardable
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“Quality over quantity for me. I like getting the steady trickle of great candidates with the catered matching.”
Joe Stajkowski Zotec Partners
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“I appreciate everyone at Powderkeg! I am loving the exposure and being included…you’re building an awesome community!"
Heidi Barker Parker Technology Partners
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