Track Ahead uses game mechanics to help companies recruit college students

As the world of recruiting top talent to businesses changes, there are tons of great opportunities for disruption. Track Ahead is looking to disrupt the field by adding game mechanics to college education to help pair students and employers. By gamifying the education and recruitment process, Track Ahead is venturing into uncharted waters and people have taken notice. This education gamification startup has pitched at The Economist, and Founder Chris Gray was kind enough to pitch for a second time at our Verge Education Celebration at the Conrad, take a look:

Key Takeaways

  • Never Apologize for Evolution: Chris talks about the evolution of Track Ahead and how the company has changed and pivoted through the years, but he warns against apologizing or making excuses for why you’ve changed course. “You just get out there and talk and some of the ideas are going to be validated and some aren’t.”
  • Always Be Learning: Those pivots and adjustments were necessary, but they wouldn’t have been possible if Chris wasn’t constantly learning. His biggest advice, however, is to never make the same mistake twice. “There’s very little education in the second kick of a mule.”
  • Always Cater to Your End User: As Chris gives a high-level overview of the future of Track Ahead, he mentions building around the features that the students, educators, and businesses are actually using. This is always important for founders in the early stages. You have a limited amount of functionality you can launch with. Use it wisely.

For Chris’ pitch for The Economist and more information on Track Ahead click here.

What were your thoughts on his pitch?