“It’s an infinite task,” Miles said.
I reflected on my own work experience as I sat across from Mark Miles, CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IndyCar. And I could relate.

There’s no “going home at the end of the day,” for most entrepreneurs. Our brain never fully shuts off and lets us rest.
But rest is so important to the productivity (and growth) of a business. While checking our email and working on “vacations” make us feel important, it can be a dangerous addiction.
Entrepreneurial EnergyStudies show that the more we relax, the more productive we’ll be. So, how do you find freedom from our business when we need it?
Mark Miles found ways to bring his family with him during his travels around the world. He also got comfortable with delegating more and more of his tasks as he built his team.
These were only a few of the strategies Miles used to maintain his energy and build momentum in his organizations. And many of us still battle with shutting down at the end of the day.
How do you manage your energy when entrepreneurship is an infinite task? How do you unplug?