Every new beginning has its struggles but getting a business started to call your own can be so fulfilling. Today we dive in with a founder who is ready to risk everything. He gives up his steady 9-to-5 job to chase his passion for the entrepreneurial dream beginning with the simple words “I Quit.”

On today’s episode of the Powderkeg Pitch, we’re bringing on Co-founder and BBQ expert of Durham based Mike D’s BBQ, Mike De Los Santos.

Mike and his wife Gloria started building a BBQ sauce business with Mike having ‘quit’ his job. They launched the company back in 2014. And hit their sales goal that year, and have seen strong and steady growth ever since. In 2015, they introduced their Sweet & Spicy rub and, in 2016, had their biggest growth year to date (120%).

As if that weren’t remarkable enough, Mike is about to be featured on Discovery’s Channel’s new show called “I Quit,” which is a show that will follow six businesses for one year as they are led by hopeful entrepreneurs who leave their steady incomes and retirement plans behind to go all-in on their dreams of launching their own unique business. And if you would like to hear more about Mike’s journey be sure to tune in on Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET/PT. Enjoy!

In this episode with Michael De Los Santos, you’ll learn:

  • What drew Mike to the path of entrepreneurship
  • How Mike and Discovery connected to start the show “I Quit”
  • Building the right sales strategy for your business
  • Backstage look into the entrepreneurial world of BBQ
  • Mike’s secrets and tips for barbecue enthusiasts

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Please enjoy this conversation with Mike De Los Santos!

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