Have you ever met a rock star? And no, I’m not talking about someone who snazzies up their resume and social profiles by self proclaiming their “rock-star” status within their industry.


I mean someone really famous.

Even if you haven’t met them, I bet you’ve seen them on stage. And I bet you’ve felt that magical element that makes them so damn magnetic.

But how do they build all that confidence? How do they get reserves of self esteem that fly from their body like beads of sweat into the crowd?

This confidence is the same kind of confidence that closes deals for the best entrepreneurs and sales people. It’s the confidence that can distort reality and bend it to the vision of the business.

So, let’s look at where to begin…

Bang on the drum all day.

If you need to know where to start, study the drummer. The drummer was born to rock. While the guitarists and vocalists are tuning and warming up, the drummer sits down ready to hit things.

bang your drum

And we don’t get any better until we begin to bang around. Get rid of the “get-ready-to-get-ready” cycle that holds you back. Because the most exciting part is the start.

The first 100 attempts are the ones where you’ll see the biggest gains. But be prepared to stick with it for the full tour. The Beatles played more than 1,200 shows (not just practices, but shows) before they had their “breakthrough” onto the international scene.  This is part of Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule.

So, don’t wait. But remember…

Dooon’t stop belieeevin’

Hold on to that feelin’. And even if you didn’t catch that last reference, bear with me.

When you’re jamming—on your music or with your business—you’ve got to have a vision. You have to be able to sell it, too. But you won’t be able to sell a thing if you don’t believe.

Have you ever seen someone fake confidence? Saw right through it, didn’t you?

There’s a way around that. Know where you’re going and envision how you’ll get there. Most times in music and entrepreneurship, this is built on something that’s entirely in your head. And It can be really rough.

You’re going to get people who slam the door in your face. People will boo you. Yes, you.

But when you keep banging away, you’ll get something that will make you unstoppable.

Get rhythm.

It can feel like flailing at first. You’re making it up as you go along, so that’s okay.

But when you strike a chord on your guitar—or strike a chord with a sales pitch—you’ll test it again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. And when you realize you can amplify and build on that positive reaction, you’ve begun to find your beat. Like this guy… (go to 1:25, where he really starts heating up)

Welcome others to your movement with enthusiasm. Arm them with the tools to tell their friends. People wear the shirts that represent their rock stars and they wear shirt that represent the entrepreneurs they respect.  Look for it the next time you’re at a Verge event or rock concert.

Show people what’s happening backstage. Show them how it works. Show them your drums.

Your confidence will grow as you assemble more to your group. Sales come with confidence in your product and yourself.

You’ve got rhythm. It’s inside you. So keep going for it, rock star.

Now, I’m curious… What gives you confidence? How did you get there?

See? I told you I’d have it to you by this Friday.