Omar Atia has been entrepreneurial since grade school when he launched a competitor to his school’s candy bar-selling fundraiser. 

Since then it has been off to the races for Omar’s entrepreneurial career. 

Omar Atia is Co-Founder and CEO at ZeroCarb LYFE, an Evansville-based company that has developed the world’s first zero-carb, high-protein pizza crust.

After spending a decade working with large consumer brands like Kraft & Dean Foods, Omar launched ThoughtFire, a consulting company focused on enabling teams with their agile Results Operating System.

Then in 2020, he began working on ZeroCarb and their flagship pizza crust product. 

Be sure to check out these great clips from the show:

  • [9:47] Lessons learned from Father’s story
  • [27:11] Core pillars of the entrepreneurial mindset
  • [32:40] Personal challenges with entrepreneurship
  • [37:51] The importance of the entrepreneur ecosystem
  • [43:10] Advice for someone wanting to get plugged into the communit

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In our conversation with Omar, you will learn about:

  • Working like a dog in your 20’s
  • The equation for success
  • Being able to pivot in a business
  • Have faith and believe in the process
  • “Revenue is the consequence of always learning, gathering data, pivoting and doubling down”

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