Product teams solve problems — problems that have never been solved. Therefore, product management teams must be extremely skilled in order to come up with great solutions to solve greater problems. Unfortunately, there is no tried and proven formula that can ensure higher performing teams. Different companies use different approaches, but knowing what has worked in the past can help business leaders build a successful team with a positive culture.

On today’s episode of Igniting Startups, you’ll hear from two product-minded leaders from one of the fastest-growing companies in Indianapolis. First up is Jeremy Leventhal, Chief Product Officer of Springbuk. Springbuk is a health analytics and intelligence platform for employers and benefits consultants.

Joining Jeremy is Roger Deetz, Springbuk’s VP of Engineering. Roger has been a longtime member of Powderkeg and the tech community and has led multiple dev teams at Angie’s List. Throughout his career he’s taken on several roles as a designer, developer, architect, and a leader.

During today’s episode, Jeremy and Roger will discuss how they approach team organization and establishing team goals as leaders. You’ll also hear their take on knowing when to build product, how you can make better investments in product, and ultimately invest and build product teams that will continue to succeed and grow.

In this episode with Jeremy Leventhal and Roger Deetz, you’ll learn:

  • How product leaders approach team organization
  • Guidelines for making great investments in your product
  • How to build a successful team and build a great product
  • Springbuk’s growth and impact in the Indianapolis tech scene

Please enjoy this conversation with Jeremy Leventhal and Roger Deetz!



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What stood out most to you about what Roger and Jeremy share in this podcast?

For me, it’s how to build a successful team and build a great product.

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