Folia’s flagship product iAnnotate has over 2 million users. 

This Bloomington-based tech company, led by Ravi Bhatt has done a spectacular job partnering with some of the industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung as they have grown their business. 

Listen to our interview with Ravi to hear his advice on enterprise partnerships and building nimble startup teams. 

Ravi Bhatt is the founder and CEO of Folia, a company focused on making digital productivity apps. 

Ravi Started his career as a lawyer & consultant in Chicago then identified a need and pursued entrepreneurship full-time. Their product iAnnotate has had over 2 million users.  

Be sure to check out these great clips from the show:

  • [3:52] Becoming an entrepreneur and breaking the family tradition
  • [24:06] Create an environment that allows metamorphosis to happen
  • [27:58] The windshield metaphor
  • [38:24] Creating a connection with brands like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung
  • [42:49] The lowest of the lows

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In our conversation with Ravi, you will learn that:

  • Life is about choices
    • Positivity → Positivity
    • Negativity → Negativity
  • It’s about the journey, not the finish line
  • Entrepreneurship is a field, put on your shoes and get out there
  • You don’t learn from advice, you learn from doing
  • “Most failures are not fatal and most successes are not durable”

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