They’re everywhere. Driven entrepreneurs infuse Indiana business with new life.

Here’s why Indiana entrepreneurs rock:

1.) Indiana entrepreneurs have created a vibrant community.

Organizations like DeveloperTown and SproutBox help grow early and idea stage companies into thriving startups. They’ve even begun to open the floodgates to the general public by generating enormous local press and helping startups get national exposure to help grow their businesses. With the opening of the Speakeasy in Indianapolis and a number of other startup co-working spaces around the state, entrepreneurs now have a place they can collaborate and share.

2.) Hoosier entrepreneurs build rock-solid relationships.

Indiana EntrepreneursGroups like Verge, TechPoint, and The Venture Club architect environments where talented founders and investors can connect and learn together. Indiana entrepreneurs help each other out. And that goodwill goes a long way to build more valuable, higher potential businesses.

3.) Indiana founders are attracting more funding.

Exits like MyJibe and Daily Lunch Deal have whet the appetite of investors to get in earlier on deals to share in the upside potential of successful startups. IPOs like Angie’s List and ExactTarget bring national attention to the Midwest as a land of high returns. As founders continue to execute and build high-growth companies, the capital pool for entrepreneurial endeavors will continue to climb.

4.) Entrepreneurs in Indiana are dynamic and diverse.

We all come from different backgrounds–with unique experiences and expertise. Indiana entrepreneurs excel at connecting the dots between industries, redefining business models, and disrupting the status quo. They’re not bashful and they have the business chops to back it up.

The startup founders in Indiana are unique and ready for anything. They’ve built an impressive momentum that is bringing the state to a new level of business. That’s why, Verge is helping launch Startup Indiana as part of the Startup America network:

We really hope you can make the trip to join us. You deserve to connect in-person with the state-wide startup community and Startup America. But, there are less than 200 spots left for this launch event.

So, get ’em while they’re hot (and available)!