High Alpha is a venture studio that announced in summer of 2015 their $35 million fund to create, operate, and fund enterprise cloud firms. Portfolio companies include Sigstr, Lessonly, Visible, and TinderBox—all of which originally pitched on the Verge stage. High Alpha is led by proven tech entrepreneurs Scott Dorsey, Mike Fitzgerald, Eric Tobias, and Kristian Andersen; and is backed by leading venture capital firms Emergence Capital, Greenspring Associates, Hyde Park Venture Partners and strategic angel investors. 

Website: http://highalpha.com/

Contact: info@highalpha.com


Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into hig-performing, Indiana-based companies. We accomplish this by providing rigorous business analysis and robust advisory services that connect companies with the resources they need to succeed long-term. As a not-for-profit organization, we are able to offer unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations.

Website: http://www.elevateventures.com/

Contact: 317-234-5671

INNOVATE INDIANA FUNDinnovate-indiana-fund

The Innovate Indiana Fund partners with companies who have a meaningful Indiana University connection to procide funding, guidance, and a world class network. The IIF behaves in many ways like a tradiational venture capital fund. The Fund provides equity capital to high-potential companies who have a strong IU association or background. In plain English, this means that the Innovate Indiana Fund becomes your partner during the growth stages of a company, providing funds, guidance, and an extensive network in return for a percentage ownership stake. We work together to acheive success. 

Website: http://iufund.iu.edu/about/index.shtml

Contact: kengreen@iu.edu


SproutBox is an elite crew of product developers, creatives and business experts. We invest our talent and cash in startup companies with high growth potential in exchange for equity.

Website: http://sproutbox.com/

Contact: team@sproutbox.com

XCAP ANGELSxcap-angels

xCap Angels is an angel investment group focused on making investments in seed and early-stage companies. Our members are comprised of a group of investors, business owners, professionals and accomplished entrepreneurs that are committed to helping other entrepreneurs from pitch to successful exit. Our passion is working alongside other entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful business models and profitable businesses.

Website: http://www.xcapangels.com/

Contact: 317-829-1910

GRAVITY VENTURESgravity-ventures

Gravity Ventures is a seed-stage venture firm that invests in seed and early-stage technology and technology-enabled businesses. Gravity Ventures operates funds in Indiana and Arkansas.

Website: http://gravityventures.com/

Contact: info@gravityventures.com

STEPSTONE ANGELSstep-stone-angels

We are one of the largest angel investor networks in Indiana. We focus on high potential, technology companies. Investment sweet spot is $200-$500K in initial investment.

Website: https://gust.com/angel-group/stepstone-angels

Contact: https://gust.com/angel-group/stepstone-angels/apply



FNEX is “The Alternative Investment Marketplace” connecting RIA’s and institutional investors to investment opportunities in private companies, private funds (hedge funds, fund of funds), and managed futures accounts. Our mission is to provide advisors and investors with a centralized platform for sourcing, diligence, and investment in alternatives.

Website: http://www.fnex.com/

Contact: info@fnex.com


We are a serial start-­up team. We identify, de-­risk, launch, and build enduring companies. We also support other entrepreneurs (usually as the first money in).

For outside projects, we look for three things:

  1. a quantifiable problem
  2. capable founders
  3. a way to defend.

We’ll help figure out the rest.

Website: http://www.slanecapital.com/

Contact: http://www.slanecapital.com/#engage

FLAGSHIP ENTERPRISE CENTERflagship-enterprise-center

The Flagship Enterprise Center is a Small Business Administration Microlender, which means we can provide loans up to $50k to small businesses in a 10 county area in Central Indiana. We strive to fill a lending gap for startups and small businesses that just aren’t quite ready for traditional bank loans.

Website: http://www.flagshipenterprise.org/

Contact: adam@flagshipenterprise.org


We bring your idea to life. We understand the challenges of an early-stage venture. We know how to turn those risks into benefits. And we’ve got what it takes to get your product to the market faster, and on a stronger technology foundation.

Website: http://www.developertown.com/

Contact: mike.kelly@developertown.com


Dreamapolis brings Indianapolis their first and only monthly micro-grant dinner project designed to invest in creative start-ups & projects. Pay $5, enjoy great food from many of Indy’s favorite restaurants, fellowship with local entrepreneurs, investors, and community stake-holders. Then vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the meal that night. Sounds pretty simple huh, yeah it really is. Each month, we present 3 entrepreneurs who have really great ideas. As a guest you get you hear their pitches and ask them questions regarding how viable the idea is? Afterwards you, yes YOU, get to vote on which idea or project should receive all of the money raised at the door. All while eating great food from Indy’s top restaurants

Website: http://www.dreamapolis.com/

Contact: pitchfeast@dreamapolis.com

ALLOS VENTURESallos-ventures

Allos invests in early-stage technology companies in the Midwest, augmenting the capital provided by angel investors who have helped the companies reach a stage at which they are ready for their first institutional financing round. The fund focuses on industries where the Allos investment team has investing and/or operating experience – primarily software and technology-enabled business service companies. Allos’ principals believe in the benefits of a “hands-on” approach to venture capital investing, which allows the firm’s partner companies to leverage the business-building skills and resources developed by the Allos principals over the past decade, as well as those of the firm’s investors, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs.

Website: http://www.allosventures.com/

Contact: www.allosventures.com/blog

DREAMAPOLIS ACCELERATORdreamapolis-accelerator

Dreamapolis Accelerator is a 12-week intensive business development and seed fund program, in which start-up companies are selected through an application program to receive seed funding, mentoring from top entrepreneurs, business training and business development to accelerate their business to where they are fund ready and positioned better to become a high-scale operation for a small percentage of redeemable equity. Companies will work with existing venture capital firms, angel investors and mentors to provide access to additional funding opportunities, contacts and more. Companies will be provided office space and access to additional resources as they further develop their companies during the accelerator program.

Website: http://www.dreamapolis.com/

Contact: info@dreamapolis.com

VISIONTECH ANGELSvisiontech-angels

VisionTech Angels applies a thoughtful, systematic, and proven approach to deliver financial and strategic support to promising entrepreneurs and startup companies. We provide investors with meaningful opportunities to invest and build companies based on extensive due diligence. We engage a network of seasoned business, industry, and technology partners who are available to lend their expertise. And we also maintain a national network of angel and venture capital firms, leveraging our ability to find and procure capital and commercialization opportunities. Our objective is to maximize the value we bring to all of our stakeholders and deliver results that create win-win situations for all. The result is Smarter Capital and Better Results.

Website: www.visiontech-partners.com

Contact: dscifres@visiontech-partners.com


Localstake is an investment crowdfunding platform for startups and existing small businesses to raise funding from investors in the community. Businesses can raise between $100K and $1 MM in funding and investors can invest in local private companies for as little as $500. Localstake has been featured in several national and local media publications including CNBC, Entrepreneur, and the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ).

Website: https://localstake.com/

Contact: info@localstake.com

CHATHAM VENTURESchatham-ventures

Chatham Ventures helps promising seed and venture-stage companies succeed by connecting them with the tools and resources needed to transform ideas into industries. We take a holistic, active engagement approach to relationships by providing capital as well as our time and effort to help businesses succeed.

Website: http://www.chathamvp.com/

Contact: ryan@chathamvp.com



PVF was formed with the idea of bringing successful professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and accredited investors together who are interested in learning about investment opportunities in start-ups and early-stage growth companies. We believe sophisticated investors should consider early-stage investments in private companies for a truly diverse investment portfolio.

Website: http://provf.com/

Contact: info@proVF.com