Have you ever needed to hire a developer or a designer? Or how about a funding source for a new venture?

Indy Made

Yeah, me too. We all need something at one time or another and it isn’t always simple to pull the pieces together. But with new tools and resources, connecting and navigating those waters is getting easier.

Indy Made is a new startup community platform that makes it simple for founders, investors, venture funds, and support organizations to register themselves and create a personal and organizational profile. Designed specifically for the Indianapolis and central Indiana startup community, Indy Made measures and maps the hoosier startup ecosystem.

Indianapolis Startup Community

Other cities have created their own solutions to this problem and many of them look very similar. Represent LA launched on “Silicon Beach” and then made the code free and available for other communities to replicate. Innovate SF sought to do something similar in the startup-laden San Francisco Bay area.

Tools like these become more valuable to it attracts more users. So, only time will tell how quickly Indy Made can gain mass adoption. At the time of this writing, there are already over 75 startups registered and over 150 individual user profiles on Indy Made. Will you sign up and spread the word?

What else do you think startup community tools like these should do?