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Posted September 9, 2015


We will be covering the 2015 Innovate Raleigh event live on September 10th. Keep refreshing this page for the latest updates. Be sure to also follow @innovateRaleigh on twitter and use #Innovate365 to chat with others. You can also follow us @verge_NC.

Please excuse any misspelling of names. I will fix as soon as possible afterwards. 

1:30PM Doors open. Great crowd. Good food. I got stuck at a table with Derrick Minor.

2:20PM The anticipation is building for Mital Patel’s grand open. I spot Scott Moody. Ashton Smith, J King White, James Saules, Dan and Jeff from Vaporware, Zenyfit, and many more innovators.

2:30PM Jenny Hwa welcomes the crowd to the 4th annual Innovate Raleigh Summit. Thanks Allyson Sutton and Candice Young – the team behind Innovate Raleigh. Marry-Ann Baldwin and Terry Lomax also recognized as co-founders.

2:37PM Mital takes the stage (sans cool sneakers).

2:38PM Centerline’s video kicks off! (I’m sure I’ll have a link to post soon).

2:40PM The panel takes the stage. Mitchell Silver announces the panel. Currently New York City’s parks commissioner. Context of the panel: Raleigh is a fast growing city, and will continue to grow at record speeds. Raleigh’s median age is 39.1…and mentioned a lot of stats I couldn’t keep up with.

2:45PM How would you describe Raleigh’s cultural identity?

John Kane to go first – 20 years ago downtown Raleigh was not a desirable location. Shouts out to RTP for getting back into the mix.

John Holmes – Using urban developments like North Hills to create community.

Patrice Gilmore – Holt Brothers construction – 20 years ago Raleigh was known for technology. Big difference between now and then. Sees this area as

Sam Crutchfield –  grew up in Raleigh. Things have really changed in terms of diversity in a good way the last few years.

Katherine Hogan – did not grow up in Raleigh. Grew up in NYC – been here 10 years. We are unique because we are a capital city but still a smaller city. Quantity of universities, research, tech companies, and history in design make this area great.

2:50PM What keeps Raleigh authentic? Change is coming, how do we embrace it?

John Kane – most communities say they want change, but they really don’t. Just look at our downtown and surrounding areas. We are becoming a real city!

John Holmes – The rise of the creative class. Raleigh Denim. Breweries. etc.

2:53PM: Sam Crutchfield – thank goodness Raleigh isn’t Charlotte. (He might need security later).

Taking a quick break..

 3PM: How do you plan for a place where most of the generation is older, but how to you grow as a city and balance the younger generation with the old?

Katherine – Need housing that’s affordable, accessible, and of adequate size.

John Holmes – seems to be a great idea to invest in a city built of multi-generations.

John Kane – millennials are looking for mixed-use, the boomers are also looking for that too. There’s an overlap of being able to walk to starbucks, retail, and nightlife.

Patrice – sophistication has helped and will continue to help this city be great.

3:07PM How do we grow and keep it eclectic?

Patrice – providing different options…just not high-rises in downtown. Also great suburban areas.

Sam – things are growing and changing, niches are being created that offer different opportunities for different folks. Uses 5 points as an example of how pockets of new areas have exploded. Lilly’s pizza…yum.

3:10PM Questions from the audience.

Taking a break. Can’t hear the questions :/

3:27PM Closing remarks from panel

John Kane – Transit is moving in a positive direction. Key to future success.

John Holmes – Raleigh’s defining moment is right now. How to we move forward will really define us.

Patrice – make sure we include everyone in our identity and value in all of our view points moving forward.

Sam – Raleigh is already great, but about to take off in so many ways. Stay engaged with us.

Katherine – Interesting times for Raleigh. Need to get people to move here and stay here.

Battery is going to die :/ Had to hotspot my phone for WiFi. Sorry gang!