The Innovation Showcase is breaking records left and right! This year features:

– A record number of exhibiting companies applying
– A record amount of cash/services given away ($123,000)
– A record number of tickets sold (to date).  
– A record number of sponsors/sponsorship
– An incredible contingent of universities and funding organizations collaborating to create our best Innovation Showcase yet.

In the past few weeks we recently announced the first 9 companies accepted to showcase:








YC BioElectric


Today, we’re announcing 9 more companies that have been accepted into the 2014 Innovation Showcase on July 10!


AlGalCo is creating the hydrogen economy by reducing the need for oil with a renewable fuel that burns clean.  This second year exhibitor is now creating revenue with its first product: a hydrogen on-tap system already deployed by the city of Carmel, showing a 15% improvement in gas mileage, reduced emissions and a renewable feedstock of hydrogen. 


Reward Dragon is referral marketing software for local businesses to drive word-of-mouth sales by uniquely combining testimonials, social endorsements, and referral rewards. Reward Dragon is currently in its Seed Round.



PorchLight uses public, collected and inferred data to predict the needs of homeowners. With a working product able to learn and predict what a home will need before the need arises, PorchLight is breaking some serious ground.



Animated Dynamics helps doctors choose the best chemotherapy for individual cancer patients.  If you’re into innovations in the biotechnology space, you’ll want to check out this company.



iCan is an intelligent waste management solution building economic, social & environmental sustainability.   Currently undergoing a rebrand, you’ll soon know this company as eCeptacle.  This will be their 1st year at Innovation Showcase. 




Bearface Instructional Technologies is an academic publisher of innovative wellness learning and assessment for higher ed.   Bearface is bringing technological advancement where it’s needed most: the classroom.



GearBrake is an intelligent brake light module that can reduce rear-end collisions by up to 90%.  An awesome hardware company with an innovative working product.



3D Parts Mfg. is Indy’s only 3D Printing Service Bureau with all four 3D printing platforms: DMLS, SLA, PolyJet, FDM.  See the future of manufacturing at 3D Parts Mfg’s booth!



7PSolutions Featuring unique GPS-GSM monitoring providing security and environmental monitoring within the supply chain, this company is in its 2nd year at the Innovation Showcase.


So, what do you think of these selections? 18 companies down, many more to come!

Individuals interested in attending Innovation Showcase 2014 can purchase Early Bird tickets here.