The Innovation Showcase is just around the corner! It’s going to be an action-packed day:

The Innovation Showcase
The Innovation Showcase is the premier event that connects fundable companies with capital sources and attendees with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and energy.

Attendees at The Innovation Showcase will get a chance to see over 60 innovative companies compete for over $60K in cash, prizes and services while rubbing elbows with leaders and entrepreneurs from Indiana, around the midwest, and around the country. Check out the event and get your tickets soon–the event is coming up next week!

The roster of exhibiting companies hail from all around the midwest and beyond, solve diverse market problems, and are sure to provide the investors with plenty to think about when the time comes to pick a winner. (View exhibitors that have already been announced here and here)

ipAnalytx is the first true patent analytical system that companies use better monetize patents.

Emphymab Biotech is a seed stage company developing disease modifying therapeutics for emphysema.

Archon Apps makes Cirrus Security App, which gives security companies the ability to be more efficient with their incident reporting by providing a cloud based iPad app that can give them customized forms and even read a drivers license for them. Their largest client, which does security for venues such as Banker’s Life Fieldhouse and Klipsch Music Center, just resigned for their second year of service and and we are in over 50 different venues.

Volair Sim designs, manufacturers, and distributes affordable flight and racing simulation chassis cockpits. Our Volair Sim chassis is used by private pilots, flight schools students, racers, and flight and racing sim ethusiasts. We are a young company and only begun shipping the product in late 2012 but we already have received significant recognition and awards from the aviation and flight simulation communities.

Telos Discovery Systems offers the Telos AutoMaze, which automates pre-clinical drug experiments, increases throughput, and reduces data analysis time

Call My List provides a best-in-class automated calling platform to businesses of all sizes.

Revive Electronics will return moisture damaged portable electronics to working condition in under 25 minutes. operates exactly like your favorite reservation site. Simply search, find a professional pet care facility in the area, and book a pet’s reservation online in just minutes. The full service solution powers online instant and confirmed reservations. No more putting travel plans on hold or waiting to receive confirmation. Pet owners can now book their pet boarding reservations day or night, 24/7 in real-time with instant confirmation.

BuzzJoy is a full spectrum business networking platform facilitating connections for strategic growth.

Peoplocity is a private, real-time mobile/web channel for consumers to connect with an empowered representative.

Legacy Travel Club answers the need for direct flights in Indianapolis by providing First Class service without the First Class price. Legacy is the country club of the skies for anyone to join and get to their destination easier and faster, and has raised over $100,000 to date from the general public. They are currently framing together a public campaign to raise the first round of funding.

Modulus provides scalable application hosting, integrated data, and performance analytics.

BlueBridge Digital helps tourism destinations connect with visitors through mobile apps. Recurring revenue traction.

SurClean offers a laser surface coating removal product that is scalable and promises to disrupt.

LocalView is Kayak for local.

Sustainable Energy Products provides a radically new wind turbine and generator system that produces more power in a smaller footprint, blends with the architecture of a building, and does not require a pole or tower to operate–all at a price point well below all competition. The design gives access to 95% of the market that is now restricted to most competitive designs. Customers would include commercial, government, military, utilities and residential; anyone seeking to supplement or replace electrical power. The exclusivity of the product would offer substantial returns for investors. Sustainable Energy Products is ready to begin production of the BWT-8000, a 8 Kw system, after 3 years of design and testing. The company has four pending patents.

WeCareCard is an innovative patent pending technology in both prepaid and crowdfunding industries that helps people raise money from people who care.

MyFarms unlocks the full potential of agricultural data by connecting farmers and suppliers

SiteTropolis by Marketpath launches in July 2013, revolutionizing the design, development and delivery of small business websites. Utilizing the talents of crowd-sourced graphic designers and developers from all over the world, SiteTropolis provides professional, custom designed and developed websites in less than 10 days and for under $1,000. Working seamlessly together, SiteTropolis and Marketpath CMS provide the first beginning to end solution for custom website design, development, and ongoing web content management.

ChopSaver is an all-natural, organic lip care product developed by Indianapolis-based professional trumpet player Dan Gosling – in his kitchen! Used by some of the greatest musicians in the world, ChopSaver is now recommended by dermatologists across the country for their patients with chronic dry, chapped lips.

Scout & Zoe’s Premium Pet Products provides premium quality, healthy, US made, eco-friendly products for dogs, birds and small animals.

PatentStatus offers SaaS for companies to track patent to product relationships and publish a virtual marking registry.

MileTrack GPS solves a common problem: nearly everyone needs to track mileage for business. Whether you’re self-employed like a roofer, plumber, realtor, landscaper, in-home health provider, MLM marketer or you work for a company, tracking your mileage is essential… and painful. MileTrack GPS solves this problem by plugging in a GPS device to a car’s power adapter. Data is securely relayed through the Verizon network to the MileTrack servers. On the MileTrack GPS website, it’s simple to map, label, and categorize trips. Beautiful mileage reimbursement reports can be downloaded and turned in to your company, or used as a record for tax purposes. MileTrack GPS grew out of the founder’s own pain as a software development consultant. He was told to keep good mileage records by his CPA and, after a year of dealing with the hassle of manually tracking mileage, he set out to solve the problem using GPS technology. Being a Certified Verizon VSP partner will allow us to receive leads and potentially in-store product placement.

EnterScape’s mission is to provide clients with data collected from their operations that allow them to make better decisions, faster. For each client they design a customized data collection solution that includes wireless sensors, a data collection point, and easy-to-use software. Their enterprise-wide approach provides information from utility consumption (electric, gas, water), environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and equipment process data such as piece counts, pressures, and temperatures. All of this data is provided via their proprietary web-based software and is accessible anywhere in the world on any internet enabled device. Many of their customers leverage the data to support the decision making process when working with contractors, consultants, and vendors. If you want to manage it, then you’ve got to measure it.

Snappening helps people find the perfect venue for their next party, event, meeting or wedding. The site connects communities to hundreds of professional event planners. Planned developments include national expansion and additional vendor categories. Since its launch in 2011, revenues have continued to grow by more than 60 percent year-over-year. This year, website traffic has grown 220 percent, which is largely attributed to the site’s expanding influence. Snappening caters to consumers, seasoned event planning professionals and local venues looking to plan or host successful events. With more than 40 types of events listed on its website, Snappening serves as the local, regional and national site for visitors from ages 16 to 80 searching for everything from wedding venues, birthday party locations and graduation party ideas, to private dinners, reunions, anniversaries and more.

WordSentry offers a proprietary ASP to enable analysis of ambiguity, tone, & compliance in digital communications.

Boosterville is transforming the $5B nonprofit fundraising market via digital wallet and geolocation technologies.

FeeHound simplifies the building permit process for local municipal building departments and building contractors. If you have ever done any construction work, you know how painful the process is to get a permit. Most of the time when you build something you need a permit from the city. This requires you to fill out a paper copy of a permit application. Sometimes you can find this online, sometimes you have to drive to city hall to pick one up. FeeHound gives cities a zero cost solution online. The contractor just pays a 2% processing fee for every application you process. FeeHound also aggregates all of the cities in one place, so you have access to every permit fee schedule and every permit application with just a few clicks. Their zero cost solution to municipal departments streamlines their workflows, reducing the time it takes to get a permit from 30-60 days down to 2-4 days.

Taxitapp lets users e-hail taxis with smart phones in tier -2 towns, and offers safety and increased profits for taxis.

Skyepack Skyepack is a web+mobile platform that allows anyone to instantly publish multimedia content via an intuitive browser-based interface. Content authors can instantly deploy text, pictures, video, audio, and embedded HTML5 applications for consumption on the web and on Apple and Android mobile devices. Authors may provide content for free, or charge a fee, of which they receive a percentage. Exapmle uses include professional education, employee training and certification, k-12 & higher ed, and individuals sharing their knowledge with the world. The technology was developed at Purdue University, and is exclusively licensed to Skyepack LLC. Skyepack is currently in use at major institutions of higher education and corporations across the US.

234social is a social media management platform for businesses to manage accounts across multiple social networks.

Adproval Empowers bloggers to generate real revenue and advertisers to reach meaningful online markets by letting bloggers sell and aprove advertising placements, right from their blog.

Spensa Technologies gives growers realtime data on pest populations, allowing them to use less pesticide and save fruit.

Indy Made will also be exhibiting, but will not be competing for the prize. Indy Made is a comprehensive platform to measure and map all of the startup activity in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. With your support, they’ll soon have a resource to better expose Indy’s vibrant startup scene, including: founders, investors, venture funds, service providers, and support organizations.