Getting funded is a major milestone for many startups, but it can be a little nerve racking. Luckily, we have Alicia Syrett on the show this week to share some insider tips for landing investors.

Alicia Syrett is the founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital, a seed and early-stage angel investment firm based in New York. You might know her better as a recurring panelist on CNBC’s Power Pitch or MSNBC’s Your Business, where you’ll see her fielding high-stakes pitches and coaching small business owners. Syrett began her career in private equity and has years of experience in financial analysis, recruiting, and early-stage startup investing.

She brings her wealth of knowledge to our interview, giving me expert insights into all things fundraising. Syrett explains how to research investors for good fit with your business, what strategies you should use to approach them, and when you should start thinking about raising capital. You’ll also learn a few of her secrets for assessing a person’s character as well as netting high-visibility media exposure.

Syrett is very active on Twitter, so follow her @AliciaSyrett and thank her for coming on the show. I also encourage you to read her book, MentHER, a practical business guide written especially for women entrepreneurs. Finally, if you’re a female startup founder and are looking for amazing advisors to serve on your board, you should consider applying to Synett’s Point 25 Initiative in New York City. The application deadline is May 15, so don’t delay!

In this episode with Alicia Syrett, you’ll learn:

  • An experienced recruiter’s tips for reading people (8:35)
  • Her advice for anyone who wants to get into angel investing (17:38)
  • The right way to research and approach investors (23:18)
  • When to raise money and what kind of financing you should seek (30:44)
  • Secrets for getting high-profile media exposure (41:14)
  • How to use inexperience as an asset rather than a liability (47:40)

Please enjoy this conversation with Alicia Syrett!



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What stood out most to you about what Alicia shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s the secrets for getting high-profile media exposure.

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