Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

While that is a pretty classy pickup line. There’s a Midwest startup who thinks there’s a better way to find your soul mate. And they used an iPad App Development Tool to do it.

Our video team caught up with Kevin Emmons, co-founder of Miss Pivot, a social experience company that just launched an iPad app that’s been picking up a ton of press. Here’s the interview:

iPad App Development as a Tool to Transform Your Business.

Miss Pivot launched in 2009 as a breakthrough wing woman service that helped people who want to learn social skills and how to connect better with others. But it has become so much more.

Since then, Miss Pivot has expertly managed the metamorphosis from local service company to a confidence company, where they give people the skills they need to succeed in social situations. And they want to help as many people as possible.

Here’s what they did…

Use Mobile Apps to Engage Customers

iPad App Development ToolGlobalizing Miss Pivot meant creating products. They used video and content to engage people and to get them to interact with your content. With their iPad app, Fire Cupid, they’ve connected with their customers in new ways while acquiring a whole new set of potential clients

Fire Cupid was developed by a core team of four people. They used an iPad development software called Corona to rapidly develop and launch the app after a month of focused effort.

Build New Revenue Streams

Since building the app, they have productized the interactive book development platform  they used to build Fire Cupigfto offer other authors to publish their work to the app store. They created an off-shoot brand and company called Pixl Publishing to connect with their new-found target market of authors.

They have already begun to make money off this new revenue channel and user response has been positive. This iPad book development opportunity is just another example of effective startup intrapreneurship.

Have you run an experiment like this recently? How are you using mobile technology for your business?

Want to learn more about Fire Cupid and Pixl Publishing:

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