YOUtilityMy first encounter with Jay Baer came when I was introduced to his book as required reading for my employee onboarding at Compendium (acquired by Oracle in October).  Little did I know then, I would not only go on to meet the New York Times best selling author but I would become regular acquaintances with him throughout the fall.

My experiences with the All Help NO Hype Marketer

My experiences with Jay have been all over the board, ranging from grabbing beers at a little hole in the wall spot in Louisville to hearing him address agricultural executives at a farming conference in Minnesota – random I know.  One overwhelming trait that stands out to me about Jay is that regardless of the situation or the audience that he’s addressing, his message is ALWAYS helpful and useful.  His advice, techniques and principles regarding marketing are timelessly relevant to any company regardless of size or industry.

Taking Something With You

When you come out on the 13th to hear Jay speak you will undoubtedly leave with information that will be valuable to YOU.  You can expect to hear stories ranging from his experiences working with Fortune 500 companies all the way through to personal experiences from his living room.  His stories will more than likely be strikingly relevant as that has been my experience.  The same breadth of ideas and topics you get from hearing him speak, you will surely get from his book Youtility if you haven’t read it already.

What exactly is Youtility?

I’ll let you hear from the originator of Youtility about what it is exactly but I will say the two main quotes on the book are – “Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype” and “The difference between helping & selling is just two letters” and it doesn’t disappoint in providing helpful examples for any business.  The themes presented in this book are particularly critical for entrepreneurs & software startups to understand and I’ll tell you why:

The digital landscape has shifted from Outbound -> Inbound SO GET WITH IT!

Don’t know if you’ve heard of this company out of Massachusetts called Hubspot??  If you haven’t then you’ve seriously been living in a cave…  The company now has over 10,000 customers & 374,000 followers on Twitter – Incredible.  They managed to create this cult like following by employing inbound marketing and by simply being HELPFUL, which is what Youtility is aiming to teach you.  The companies rising above the noise in the marketplace have switched their marketing tactics from pushing -> pulling and from selling -> helping. Inbound Marketing & Youtility go hand in hand and in order to truly thrive in today’s marketplace you CANNOT have one without the other. IMPO a company that is doing an amazing job of this right now is Buffer because they’re the most helpful & transparent company out there.  Have you seen their post about Open Salaries? Amazing stuff.  Jay is an investor in Buffer– no coincidence here folks, his techniques work!


We’re excited to have another big name speaking to the Indianapolis startup community. Just weeks after we played host to the founder of Reddit and another big tech launch, Indy is at it again. See you at the Speakeasy!