PowderKeg Podcast #002

I made my way through the crowd of 170,000+ people attending Dreamforce to find a private conference room where I connected in person with FinancialForce.com CEO and President, Jeremy Roche (@Jeremy_Roche). With more than 20 years of experience building and leading both public and private technology companies, Jeremy brings a wealth of executive leadership experience.

He has led businesses through IPO, de-merger and acquisition (both as acquirer and acquiree). And his work with growing FinancialForce offers insight into how to play the game of business at a rapid pace and growing scale. With $110 million in capital raised in 2015, the company’s growth has exploded, and Roche has led the team to disrupt the space of financial software.

Roche also offers a global perspective on building companies. He holds or has held Board positions in technology companies in US, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. And FinancialForce now has offices in the UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, and multiple offices in the US.

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In this episode with Jeremy Roche, you’ll learn:

  • How Jeremy Roche got into ‘the emerging world of software’ and SaaS (4:44)
  • How to balance enthusiasm from a SaaS leadership perspective (9:16)
  • The importance and practice of ‘peoplecasting’ in achieving your goals (11:17)
  • How to surround yourself with a strong team of people that are prepared to disagree with you (13.47)
  • How Salesforce and FinancialForce came together, and how they have worked together to the  benefit of both businesses (22.15)

Please enjoy!

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What stood out most to you about what Jeremy shares in this podcast?

For me, it was his ability to instill a transparent culture amongst his team.

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