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Paperless Post is seeking an expert JavaScript developer to help architect and maintain our Front End application with more than five million unique visitors per month. In this role, you’ll work within a dedicated and fully staffed feature team to build and maintain user-facing features and libraries that are essential for cross-functional development teams.

You’ll use your experience building performant user-focused web applications to help implement the tools that allow our users to design their own event pages and greeting cards. You will work with React, Redux, and NextJS to build a robust platform for helping those users share and manage their events with a range of functionality covering email, SMS, and app notifications. Your contributions will make a meaningful impact to a complex consumer product and be used by millions of users.

A little bit about us

The PP Engineering team, a highly collaborative group of developers and technologists, is charged with building and refining a consumer-facing product that millions of people interact with each month. Our individual feature teams each focus on a unique piece of the user experience and are made up of engineers, product managers, QA, and product designers. We prioritize creativity and continuing education, and our ongoing commitment to quality code shows in our pragmatic but brave approach to technology.

What you’ll do here

  • Maintain and implement a web-based editor and suite of tools for dynamic webpage creation, used by our users and in-house content team.
  • Support the unification of our two products, Cards and Flyer, into a single technology stack
  • Maintain and implement features of our host management platform, including software for direct messaging, contact/guest management, and more.
  • Contribute code that is peer-reviewed and part of our continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Advocate for the latest JavaScript best practices to the rest of the engineering team.
  • Work closely with Back End engineers to devise contracts and APIs
  • Implement interfaces and queries between the Front End and Back End using GraphQL
  • Work closely with Product Management and Product Design to communicate new feature designs to other members of the team.
  • Work towards reusable, performant, and testable components that foster a consistent user experience.

What you bring to the table

  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
  • Experience with React, Server-side rendering, CSS/UI processing (CSS-in-JS preferred), and consuming APIs.
  • Experience in full-stack development preferred – some familiarity in designing APIs, working with Databases, and monitoring application performance will go a long way.
  • Knowledge of good design and UX.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript module and build systems (Webpack).
  • Experience in Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, or Go are all pluses.

Company-wide we enjoy an amazing ecosystem of an even gender split and a balance of engineers and designers. Because Paperless Post isn’t supported by ad revenue, we can focus our efforts on creating and improving on the ideal version of our platform, product, content, and partnerships for our users.

We are proud that Paperless Post helped over 100 million people connect in the real world since our inception. Our product is global, and we are committed to being a company where everyone belongs. We encourage people from all backgrounds, races, genders, and abilities to apply! Women, people of color, trans/genderqueer individuals, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are especially encouraged to apply

Job Summary
  • Job Title
    Senior Software Engineer, Front End
  • Company
    Paperless Post
  • Location
    New York, NY
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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Ready to apply?