Product Engineer (all levels) at AutoTech Startup (Coming Soon) | Powderkeg

We are building a modern SaaS platform targeted at helping dealers find the best deal for the best vehicle.

We are an early stage startup that has founders that have years of experience in the auto-tech space.

We want smart engineers that want to own features and problems using modern tools like React and .NET 6. We are so early in the development there is plenty of room to leave your mark on this software. Mostly all greenfield development.

You will be responsible for owning the design to the feature flag toggling in production. We believe in moving fast and being a craftsman. We follow best practices in DevOps such as automated testing, trunk based branching, small batch sizes, feature toggling, deploying daily and decoupling deployments from releases.

We use 100% Cloud PaaS offerings. You are encouraged to experiment and try new unique ways to solve problems.

Our Engineering principles:

Deploy Daily to Production

Until our work is deployed to production it's just a "costly collection of hardwork and assumptions". Deploying daily will force us to take on practices that allow us to be lean and deliver our solutions as soon as they are ready.

Sweat the Details

The devil is always in the details. We should care alot about what we are building and we should not let the details go. Care about the sonar qube feedback. Care about the details of what you are building from both a technical and business perspective. Care about the UX design. Care about the bugs that get delivered to production.

Improving daily work > daily work itself

If there are things that are slowing us down every day, we need to fix these things immediately. Taking time to fix "how" we work will enable us to speed up over time and will allow us to adjust and improve over the long term

The 3 Ways

  • Systems Thinking - Don't think about the localized part of the problem or system you are working on, but the system as a whole. Think of all the parts/user/integrations and how what you are working on will fit into it.
  • Amplify Feedback Loops - Shorten and amplify feedback loops. Most improvements we can make on the product/development process/customer experience are done with feedback loops and the quicker and "louder" they are the more quickly we can react and improve any system.
  • Continual Experimentation and Learning - We should be always experimenting with new ideas and approaches. This goes well with both the technical and product side. We should not be afraid to fail and should have a safe place to fail and learn.
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