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Our organization is based on people and great teamwork.

We work at the intersection of design, engineering and domain expertise, our passionate team of problem solvers work closely with customers to blaze new trails that will positively impact the future of health. We are a truly global company, we rely on diversity and together we create a workplace that brings the best out of everyone. Using technology and insights, we move nimbly and provide trusted advice, seeking ways to amplify results.

We’re committed to bettering healthcare and empowering wellness.

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The role

As a team we are together responsible for providing a modern, efficient and secured environment supporting our employees as we believe that our employees are our greatest strength. We are looking for someone with strong understanding of the management, soft and people’s skills, excellent communication, leadership and planning skills.

We are looking for candidates with 2- 4 years of experience.


Analytical Thinking
Analyzes and synthesizes information
• Breaks down concrete issues into parts and synthesizes in a brief and clearly expresed manner.
• Collects and analyses information from a variety of appropriate sources.
• Identifies the links between situations and information.

Listens & clearly presents information
• Makes self available.
• Listens actively and objectively without interrupting.
• Checks own understanding of others’ communication (e.g., repeats or paraphrases, asks additional questions).
• Presents appropriate information in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing.
Strives to meet work expectations by planning tasks
• Sets high personal standards for performance based on quality and timeliness.
• Identifies requirements, uses available resources and prioritizes to meet own work objectives in optimal fashion and on time.
• Accepts ownership of and responsibility for own work.
Participates as a team member
• Assumes personal responsibility and follows up to meet commitments to others.
• Understands the goals of the team and each team member’s role within it.
• Communicates openly, builds trust and deals honestly and fairly with others, showing consideration and respect.
• Willingly gives support to co-workers and works collaboratively rather than competitively.
• Shares experiences, knowledge and best practices with team members.
• Acknowledges the work of others.
Assesses and monitors oneself to maintain personal effectiveness
• Is open to receiving feedback.
• Applies effort to learn from structured trainings.
• Seeks to eliminate skill gaps through learning.
Responds to client requests
• Identifies client needs and expectations.
• Responds to requests efficiently and effectively.
• Takes action beyond explicit request within established service standards.
• Meets client needs in a respectful, helpful and responsive manner.


  • Should have clear understanding of SDLC.
    • Should be able to understand and implement requirement given.
    • Should be able to write code as per coding standards.
    • Should be able to write bug free code for given requirement.
    • Should be aware of automated unit testing.
    • Should have knowledge on manual testing and reporting.
    • Should be able to provide high level estimates for given requirement.
    • Should be aware of how to do impact analysis for a given requirements.
    • Should be aware of static analysis tools.


OTHER SKILLS: AKKA HTTP, Slick, Mockito, SBT - Scala build tool, AWS - Amazon Web Services

What can we offer you?

You will be part of a team that offers you a fulfilling career, great results through amazing team, strong relationships and a high performance culture. We are using the latest technologies, high security mediums, and service platforms top market providers. We strongly promote agile mind-set and ways of working, followed by agile methods used in practice. We offer proper guidance and take care of our people and offer top notch services including flexible work timings and training required.

We also offer:

  • Benefits and leave management
  • A great learning platform
  • A challenging environment where 2 days never look the same
  • A high performing team and a positive atmosphere where mistakes are welcome as part of the learning

About Us

**Emids is healthcare's digital transformation leader, delivering business and tech solutions that help payers, providers and tech-enablers maximize technology to deliver care better since 1999

As a global partner headquartered in Nashville, TN, emids helps bridge the critical gaps in accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare by providing advisory consulting services, custom application development, and data solutions. Services include EHR application deployment and management, analytics, data integration and governance, software development and testing, and business intelligence.

Emids specialises in Healthcare Expertise, Mobile Health Solutions, Healthcare Reform & Benefits Exchange, Regulatory Compliance, HIE & HIS Implementation, Clinical Systems Engineering, Care Analytics, Testing & QA, Implementation & Integration, and Cloud Enablement


Job Summary
  • Job Title
    Software Engineer RR/2176/2022 (Scala, MySQL)
  • Company
  • Location
    Nashville, TN
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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Ready to apply?