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Location: Minneapolis or Remote US

Employment Type: Full-time

Team: Scientific Solutions

About The Opportunity

We are seeking a Machine Learning Solutions Engineer to join our passionate team of engineers and scientists. At Flywheel, we're creating a world-class data sharing and distributed computing platform serving the medical imaging and life sciences research fields. Our focus is on leveraging machine learning technologies to create innovative and customized solutions for our customers. The Scientific Solutions Engineering (SSE) team collaborates with the Flywheel platform, working on projects related to deploying, monitoring, and maintaining machine learning models in production, while adhering to a high- standard of quality and reproducibility.

The SSE team has high-visibility with a central purpose: To make a positive contribution to the medical imaging and life sciences communities we serve. Qualified candidates will have proven expertise in machine learning, especially in the medical imaging space, and experience working with at least one of the main cloud providers.


Join us as we develop best practices for collaborative processes between engineers, the technical operations team, R&D, the SSE team, and the customers. Team members are recognized and rewarded when advocating for customer success, scientific rigor, and reproducible methods above other concerns. We value self-motivated, creative individuals who work well in a collaborative environment – constantly generating and sharing new ideas and innovative solutions with the team.

Our team is made up of people who code, many of whom have PhDs.

Flywheel has a comprehensive benefits package and encourages a balanced work life and home life.


  • Aid customers in creating machine learning models as well as curation and analysis pipelines to achieve their research project objectives
  • Promote "best practices" for model development and product usage through toolkit development, documentation, blog posts, and ad-hoc training
  • Develop methods for migrating historical data from file systems, open source datasets, and other scientific data management systems
  • Serve as advisor to the product management team for overall ML product experience
  • Read customer-written code and applications, translate and integrate into Flywheel's platform
  • Work independently with a remote team

What Would Make You a Great Fit

  • 2+ years of software development experience with Python (required) and Docker
  • 2+ years of experience in machine learning, with a focus on medical imaging
  • 2+ years of experience with deep learning Python frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras or MONAI
  • Experience deploying, monitoring, and maintaining models in production
  • Experience in data curation and leveraging open source datasets for developing models
  • Experience with MLops practices and platforms (e.g. VertexAI, SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning) or libraries (e.g. MLflow)
  • Proven expertise with at least one of the main cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Experience in at least one of the following medical imaging modalities: MRI, CT, X-ray, PET, OCT, Digital Pathology

Do you feel like you don't have everything that's listed above? If you have some of the skills and experience that we’re looking for and are willing to use your talent to learn the rest, we encourage you to apply!

About Us

Flywheel is the leading research data platform that's transforming the way biomedical and imaging data are managed at leading life sciences, clinical, and academic institutions globally.

Flywheel provides a comprehensive research data solution with all the tools needed for curation, imaging processing, machine learning workflows, and secure collaboration. By leveraging cloud scalability and automating research workflows, Flywheel helps organizations scale research data and analysis, improve scientific collaboration, and accelerate discoveries.

Company Values


The alchemy of effective teamwork happens when we each take ownership of both the menial and the magical every day. We’re serious, but never stuffy. We keep our cool under pressure because we assume best intentions and maintain perspective. This allows for true teamwork, with a dash of irreverence.


We are tenacious and united in our pursuit of solving our customers’ biggest challenges, and no challenge is too big. Diverse backgrounds across our team make us more effective as we listen, absorb, collaborate, and iterate to innovate.


We’re obsessed with uncovering the why of any given. Having an open mind allows us to be quick to fail and quick to adapt. We relentlessly pursue continual improvement through learning and imagining new possibilities.


We’re fueled by grit, boundless energy, and a deep belief that we are doing cool shit. We don’t hesitate to stand up and speak out because we trust that through tough, honest discourse we can drive change and make a real difference for our customers and our mission.

Job Summary
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    Machine Learning Solutions Engineer
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    Full time
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