Game Engine Software Engineer at Anduril Industries | Powderkeg

Location: Seattle, WA

Employment Type: Full-time

Team: Catalyst - Mission Autonomy and Planning

Anduril is a defense technology company, bringing Silicon Valley talent and funding to the defense sector. Our technology helps our customers solve their toughest challenges by enabling them to make better, more informed decisions in life-and-death situations. We’ve assembled a diverse team of experts in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor fusion, optics, and data analysis that are creating software and hardware solutions to radically evolve the capabilities of the United States and our allies. If you are passionate about solving problems that have real impact, come join Anduril and build the future of defense.

Visualization and Control for Data Awareness

As a Native Client Software Engineer at Anduril you will be designing, implementing, maintaining, and improving the native client for Anduril’s intelligent systems. You will be working alongside a team of engineers with a diverse set of backgrounds on a suite of applications primarily developed in C++.

Your immediate areas of influence will include playback of captured data, both historical and live, as well as other important areas with substantial conceptual complexity for which the presentation of the data must be organized for user requirements that vary widely in order to serve different workflows which may have conflicting needs. Another immediate area of influence would be on the simulation of data, both to be able to create scenarios and run “what ifs” on them as well as extrapolating from recent but highly latent data to determine the most likely state of the current world. Overlaying correlated historical data would be a related challenge that could be taken on.

As an early member of the team, your decisions will have a large impact on the company and for our end-users. We believe that simple systems are easier to understand, maintain, and scale and promote this belief all of the way from the software core to the user experience.

You will be making trade-offs as you work to ensure that our systems are prepared to scale, to be able to view a local environment and transition quickly to a comprehensible global perspective; being able to effectively communicate these trade-offs with your teammates as well as our customers is critical.

The ideal candidate has curiosity and experience in a wide range of custom systems and libraries.

This role is open to both promising mid level and senior candidates


  • Find the optimal balance between research direction and day-to-day delivery of robust solutions
  • Performance optimizations, being able to simultaneously optimize for memory and execution efficiency
  • Collaborate with colleagues to determine appropriate abstractions from implementation to user experience


  • Demonstrated ability in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Robotics, or related technical field
  • Experience developing software and algorithms for complicated applications especially data-intensive AI and 3D interactive simulations
  • Experience with custom engines in addition to open source libraries, licensed engines, and frameworks
  • Strong C++ skills. Anduril's native client software team uses C++ and all team members must have an understanding of the costs of using various language features related to development speed, readability, performance, and ease of maintenance
  • Strong instincts for efficiency and optimization
  • Willingness to travel
  • U.S. Person status may be required as this position needs to access export controlled data.


  • Video games or high performance embedded systems
  • Visualization of extremely large datasets
  • CPU/GPU programming
  • OS internals and kernel development/debugging

Anduril is an equal-opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you are someone passionate to work on problems that matter, we’d love to hear from you!


Job Summary
  • Job Title
    Game Engine Software Engineer
  • Company
    Anduril Industries
  • Location
    Irvine, CA
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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