BNB Chain Tech Martians Programme (Paid Volunteer) at Binance | Powderkeg

Location: Europe

Employment Type: Full-time: Remote

Team: BNB Martians

The BNB Chain is a community-driven, open-sourced and decentralized ecosystem.

Through the concept of MetaFi (“Meta” for metadata, and “Fi” for DeFi), the BNB Chain community is building the infrastructure that powers the world’s parallel virtual economy.

What is a " Tech Martian"?

"Tech Martians" are community leaders committed to support the growth of the Developer Community for BNB in their local communities


  • Assist in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups
  • Good understanding of various consensus mechanisms used in permissioned or permissionless networks such as proof of stake as well as different scaling and Layer2 solutions
  • Leverage your technical expertise to advocate in the technical community
  • Tech Martians should generate local and global awareness that supports the adoption and learning of BNB Chain Blockchain & services through authentic connections, online/offline activities, and community enablement
  • Help BNB Chain maintain and moderate online and offline communities
  • Create online content and guides for the developer community
  • Engage your respective regional communities throughout BNB Chain channels, Discord, Github, and especially the Discourse forum where conversations on governance take place.
  • Share best practices with the BNB Chain community to help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.
  • Ensure ethical standards are upheld to the highest degree within your respective communities.
  • Provide feedback to the core team to improve BNB Chain and assist community members with questions and concerns.


What are the benefits of becoming a Tech Martian?

  • Become a key contributor to the BNB Chain Foundation and the greater BNB Chain ecosystem.
  • Join a powerful community of creative, open-minded BNB Chain supporters from around the world.
  • Get early access to BNB Chain ecosystem projects, participate in closed betas, and give feedback directly to core developers and teams.
  • Build communities in blockchain and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.
  • Be invited to exclusive Martians meet-ups
  • Limited edition gifts
  • Get invited to all of our events, as a privileged guest or organizer, based on performance
  • Competitive rewards and compensation based on performance

Guidelines for being selected:

  • A Tech Martian must have deep knowledge and expertise aligned to a BNB Chain ecosystem or services or related projects.
  • A BNB Chain enthusiast, software engineer, or expert; A creator who loves making content and loves to think outside the box; A student interested in blockchain and looking for the hands-on experience.
  • Location: Availability to all globally
  • Selection Criteria: Passionate about DeFi; already a supporter of BNB Chain.
Job Summary
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    BNB Chain Tech Martians Programme (Paid Volunteer)
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    Full time
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Ready to apply?